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Your pet is part of the family and deserves the best; so whether dog, cat, rabbit, or another type of animal, mobility around your shared home is vital to their happiness and safety. Puppy Stairs evolved from this personal understanding. Now more than a decade later, this brand is on a mission to provide the best possible products—all for the love of your pets. The Puppy Stairs brand always keeps pet’s and people’s needs under consideration: we work closely with Royal Ramps, a quality manufacturer that features a patented design; there are several product choices of which you can combine into your own stairs arrangement; we offer multiple stylish fabrics and colors options. Therefore, when purchasing from Puppy Stairs, be assured you are investing in the highest quality and value of animal mobility products. And Puppy Stairs is so devoted to our customer’s complete satisfaction, that we offer a thirty day money back guarantee. Put simply, mobility and happiness are the priority.
What sets apart these dog stairs from other available options? Well, careful consideration of all design elements has gone into the production of these stairs. Puppy Stairs seeks to bring you a range of products that include usability and luxury unlike anything else sold on the market. Viewing a comparison between these stairs and the typical options available, gives a useful lens to see why Puppy Stairs are your best choice.

332_zoom__74859.1412617634.1280.1280-3So what makes these stairs so unique? First, the foam density is an exemplified feature. Puppy Stairs offer 1.5 pounds per cubic foot of Industrial-Grade, high-density foam. This allows for extra firm support, with 50% more density than many other products; however, the foam itself is still lightweight enough for you to move the dog stairs around. Furthermore, the life cycle of the foam has been constructed to last the lifetime of your pet. Other products typically only have 1 pound per cubic foot, commercial grade packaging foam. When constructed from this material, your stairs will break down faster, as this type of foam is not intended for long term, repetitive use. It will crush down more easily, and once this has occurred, the stairs cannot provide safety or security for your pets. Furthermore, many other brands of stairs use materials that are cheap to produce, but overly flimsy and lightweight, so that they too easily shift around, which could be dangerous for your pet; or, the materials are so heavy that you could hurt your own back or neck moving them into place.

Puppy Stairs foam is also weight rated. Large dogs can use the stairs and ramps just as successfully as smaller animals. In fact, one of the quality assurance tests employed is for people to walk on the stairs without damaging them. This design standard is so important because for many animals, those with health conditions or who are older, a supportive surface that will not sink due to weight application is necessary. Sinking may cause pets to lose their balance, and be unable to climb up or down the stairs without risk of tripping or falling. Sinking foam also places unnecessary or even dangerous pressure on joints. This weight rating then offers safety and security, and is recommended by veterinarians.

With your pet’s needs ever in mind, Puppy Stairs offers “mobile” configurations. There are options to combine various sized stairs and ramps to support the most appropriate shape for your pet’s needs. Therefore, these products are the perfect option for any size, age, type or needs of your pet. Heavy duty Velcro allows you to arrange the individual pieces into the most useful pattern. Other products are designed in “fixed” configurations that do not allow you to design a product best for your pet and home.

While these dog stairs have been designed to be safe for use, other usability features have not been overlooked. Puppy Stairs has created their products with removable covers that are machine washable. They easily zip-on and off for convenience. Clean fabric benefits both people and pets alike because it reduces allergens and other microbes that linger in fabric. And beyond cleanliness, the removability of the covers means you can update your pet’s furniture anytime your own décor is changed. There are extra covers available for purchase, and a selection of fabrics and colors to choose from. Puppy Stairs offers Economy versions that are made from a durable, polyester fleece, and Deluxe versions which are made from either upholstery-grade suede or a velvet microfilament fabric. There are both light and dark neutral color options to compliment any home atmosphere. You have more aesthetic options than any other pet stairs company can provide. Your pet’s furniture will integrate well with your own, to create a cohesive, attractive appearance in any room of the house.