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Why Buy From Puppy Stairs?

Puppy Stairs has proven themselves time and time again as a reliable, honest and trustworthy company. With thousands of happy customers, a patented, healthy design and vets from around the world showing their support for Puppy Stairs, it's only common sense that you should too! Puppy Stairs provides an unbeatable experience for your dog - unmatched and unparalleled. We only want what's best for you and your loving pet. Want to learn more about why Puppy Stairs is the right decision? And it's not just for dogs anymore! Our furniture and proucts can be used with all sorts of animals, including cats, rabbits and more. Our ramps and stairs have been used and loved by both! If you take a quick link into the technology and design that goes into each ramp and set of steps, it's easy to see why people prefer our furniture over others. For example, our furniture doesn't sink when you or your pet walk across it. Each step and ramp we make is tested on humans to assure that it will provide the comfort your pet deserves. You can also build your own set of stairs, combining ramps and steps together to create the absolute best experience for your pet. For more information, check out the video to the right, or click here to see a side by side comparison of our award-winning Puppy Stairs and other dog ramps and stairs.

We Love Your Pets!

We started  our search for the best type of ramp for our sick puppy out of love - this is why we offer a variety of different products, colors, and payment options for your convenience & for your pet's safety. We love to interact with our customers and hear how our products have helped. Leave a review or send us an email regarding the experience you and your pet had with Puppy Stairs. We understand that shopping for something that means so much to you can feel daunting and overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. We're here to provide the absolute best prices, products and service available. You can feel free to check out our blog for tips, tricks and insight to help you use your steps or ramps to help your pet. In additionan, feel free to Contact Us and we will do absolutely everything we can help you out!

About Puppy Stairs

Over ten years ago, Jeanne Wolfington (co-owner and founder of Puppy Stairs) faced a dilemma. Her precious Yorkshire, Raphael, required neurosurgery. In order to provide her loved pet with the proper stability and convenience he deserved, Jeanne set out to find a reliable, durable and safe ramp for Raphael. She quickly found, however, that everything she tried seemed to be cheap, unreliable and inconvenient. Unsatisfied with the available options, Jeanne set out to create something new and unique. Now, 12 years later, Jeanne and Krystal, her business partner and friend, have created the world's most pet-friendly, affordable and reliable options available. Puppy Stairs is now home to numerous products, all of which are patented and designed to provide the utmost support for your pet. Our pet furniture, including ramps, steps, and anything in between, are created with high-density, industrial grade foam, providing years of use. In fact, our ramps and steps are guaranteed to last throughout the duration of your pet's life. To further assure long-life and quality, Jeanne and Krystal went the extra mile to find a manufacture within the United States. Our covers, available here, are removable, allowing you to add variety to your home while still providing your pet with the support he or she deserves. Our covers are even machine washable, making it easy to take care of, switch and clean. If you're not satisfied with your pet ramp, steps, or covers, then feel free to reach out to us and let us know what we can do to help you out. We also offer a full satisfaction guarantee, along with a 30-day money-back guarantee to assure your satisfaction!

But we're not the only ones who love our products! Customers, critics, vets and more have purchased, reviewed and loved our products! In fact, many vets across the country have become so invested in our products that they recommend Puppy Stairs to each every one of their clients. Our products have been featured on television, within magazines, and more, acclaimed for their reliability and durability. Marc from Martha Stewart's TV Show says that these "devices are an easy alternative to jumping on their favorite resting spot."

Dog ramps can also help your pets get into the car. Plus it's definitely much easier on the guardians who otherwise have to pick up their dogs." Likewise, Peter H. Eeg, well-known for his work on Pet Talk WMAL, stated, "When small dogs with arthritis and neurologic conditions hyperextend and hyperflex their back and hips, they can experience increased pain short-term. In some cases, this activity can produce an exacerbation of the current medical condition. The Puppy Stairs can provide great relief for the pets and the clients. It allows these pets to live a more normal life with arthritis." To learn more about why vets and pet specialists alike are so happy with our products, feel free to read more here. To learn more about Puppy Stairs, simply follow this link here. Our products are designed specifically to help pets who suffer from disabilities, such as arthritis or neurological pain. Don't believe us? See what our customers have to say by reading reviews and testimonials here.

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